Corporate Governance

At Dcads, we are committed to doing what’s right. We conduct our affairs in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with ethical standards. We provide medical equipment at the cheapest possible price, with very low profit margins specially to the third world countries. We try to help organisations facilitate the medical treatments, at the places and in the states, where people can not afford much by providing alternate solutions and lowest priced surgical equipment.

The success of our organisation is based on a team that measures the success of the Company not only by financial growth, but by how well we meet our own high standards of accountability. Social responsibility is one of our principle fundamental. We provide equipment at subsidised prices to missionary hospitals and charity organisations throughout the globe. We support charity organisations like Women for Women International, British Heart Foundation, SamarithansPurse, Cure for AHC.

Our Board of Directors are responsible for taking decisions, with Managing Director of the company holding largest share of the company. Together, the Board of Directors combines education, experience and a rich history of commitment to Dcads in making decisions that benefit our Company, customers, dealers, doctors and the lives of patients we serve.