Adaptor For LigaSure 8/10: Connect all Laparoscopic Graspers, Probes like LF1212, LS1520, LS1537, LS1500, LS4318 etc. Upgrades LS8/10 to Force Triad. Selling on EBay as well.

UnLimited Counter Hp054 & Harmonic Blue: Save the cost of Re-buying/Repurchasing hand-pieces again and again for connecting Harmonic Focus and Shear blades, Synergy. Buy the same Ethicon Hand-piece once and use for a lifetime. (Also on Ebay)

Does your camera head show "ERROR" when connected with console? Or has it stopped working? Whatsoever, we have the solution. We do the repair. Our globally present , team of engineers repair anything and everything at an unbeatable price.

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