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WHO WE ARE: Our Values and Mission

Founded in 1986, Dcads pioneered the IT sector, launching its very first software in Punjab and providing quality service in the IT field. The company provides all kinds of solutions, repair and computer related accessories including Computerised Hosiery machines, CAD/CAM Solutions, Repair and Data Recovery of All Types.

The next big leap was in the Medical Sector with an import and export of the finest quality and recognised brand equipment like Karl Storz, Stryker etc, frequently used in the surgical world. Dcads has been satisfying customers including Doctors in more than 50 countries (USA, UK, Germany, Japan & many more) and 250 states around the globe. "Repairing all kinds of Equipment, specially the challenging ones is our speciality".

The team of engineers, the decision making role of the Board of directors and the priceless effort of every employee is responsible for the 30 years of proven tracked record in IT, followed by the company's international presence in Medical Equipment industry. Expanding the business is the core strategy of the company and therefore the company has entered into Retail of 'Unique Home Decor products' as well. The principle values of the company make it one of the reputed and expanding one in the world.

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Director: Mr Gurpreet Singh

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