Corporate Governance & Sustainability

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Corporate Governance

Our team comprises of Managing Director, Directors/Managing Partners, International representatives and technical engineers located in different parts of the world. The Board is committed to high standards of corporate governance. We maintain these standards through a clear definition of our roles, continuing development and evaluation, and accountability through our work. Our Executive team comprises of global leaders, innovative engineers, doctors and researchers.

Ethics and compliance Ethics and compliance remain at the very heart of our business and everything that we do. We continue to remain vigilant in these areas and the Ethics & Compliance Committee of the Board sets the tone at the top in overseeing our ethics and compliance programme, which pervades the entire organisation.

service and Repair

Quality Policy :

Dcads Marketing is an environmentally responsible reseller, traders and distributors of new, unused, refurbished/used surgical products and equipment. We manufacture as well as source our inventory from a variety of suppliers, including hospitals, surgery centres, medical device distributors, and other resellers. We also provides additional cost savings and flexibility when sourcing surgical supplies to customers. Our mission is to bring innovation & think about healthcare differently with just one motto of providing affordable surgical equipment to every nation.



Environmental Sustainability

Preserving a healthy planet for future generations is our responsibility as leaders in the healthcare industry. Dcads believe that redesigning products to use less packaging and optimise space. We intend to use recycled material; where we cannot use recycled material, we identify strategies for reducing the amount of material used in the production process.

Since we ship globally, our emphasis on sustainability and development is stronger than ever. Environmental friendly raw materials and manufacturing processes that take care of our habitat are indispensable to our brand.

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Employee Awareness

To raise environmental awareness and encourage active engagement among our employees, we foster knowledge transfer with our employees once in two months.

service and Repair

Lifecycle Product Management

One of our goals is improving our ecological balance throughout the entire value chain. We pay great attention to selecting the right raw materials. We strive to develop innovative, long lasting, re-usable products to minimise our ecological footprint and improve our ecological balance throughout the whole value chain. Our packaging is either recyclable or made from renewable sources. We use shipping companies which consider low emission flights for shipping to customers. We have our forwarding offices in few parts of the world, making it easier to send the products through the shortest possible route, wasting less energy and reducing transportation fuel.