Mr D.P Singh : Founder and Managing Director, Dcads Group of Companies

Under the vision of Mr Singh, the company has made successful contributions in the field of IT, Software, Electronics and Programming with further expansion to healthcare sector hence creating a synergy effect.

Fuelled by his passion, DCADS was the first company to introduce computer in Punjab back in 1988 thereafter developing first hair styling software which was provided to national and international MNCs. Dcads entered medical sector in 1999 with focus on equipment for Open and Minimally Invasive surgery which was novel at that time. His strategic thinking lead to diversification in terms of product fabrications (for medical sector) and at present the company holds pride is supplying and repairing specialised surgery equipment (pre owned,refurbished and new), product fabrication of interphase used with Electrosurgery units and product designing, all together with a motive to provide affordable healthcare solutions to hospitals clinics and healthcare organisations carrying out surgeries.

As a visionary, he believes not to worry about being successful but to work being significant with a humble approach towards life.

Dr Periwinkle Kaur CMgr MCMI : Managing Partner, Head of International Operations and Business Development.

Presiding as a strategic planner, Periwinkle joined the company with an aim to bridge the gap within healthcare sector by providing unique service and products; top notch, cost effective, innovative medical solutions and connectors/interphase to Human Medical and Veterinary surgeons. Periwinkle is a dentist by profession and a young woman entrepreneur by choice and passion. Having studied from England in 2019 thereafter handling international operations of the company with expansion to all six continents within two and a half years of joining.She has been working hand in glove with medical and veterinary surgeons around the world owing to her medical background and humble approach which is reflected in her nature. She is primary engaged in product research and development specific to operation room equipment used in elective surgeries. Besides having a holistic approach towards life, visiting medical fairs and exhibitions is a regular feature in her life to attain her business to the zenith of glory.Under her leadership which went hand in hand with her product research, Dcads achieved a breakthrough by introducing connectors for ESUs for Ligasure units by identifying the gap faced by surgeons worldwide. She is also engaged in ongoing projects of the company. Her motive in life is to provide niche products which can help carry out affordable, efficient surgeries for every animal and human, and have passion as well as an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self determined and be connected to one another to achieve more in life.


  1. Chartered Manager : CMI London
  2. Woman Innovator of The Year 2021 (Transformance Forums)
  3. Woman Achievers Award 2021 (India5000 Incl.)
  4. Nominee: Business World Events - Young Woman Entrepreneur Under 30’s
  5. Member of IDA and CMI.