Brand: Promis Pre Owned Promisinsuffilators are new designed with outstanding technical


The unit is controlled by microprocessors of the latest generation.Stable pressure balance in the abdomen is guaranteed by high gas flow performance and low insufflation pressure.

• Features ADAVANCE CONTINOUS FLOW Stands for ACF(advanced cont. flow insufflation), that means no more disruptions between gas flow and pressure reading phases. No more guessing indicated gas flow is the actual gas flow. SOFTWARE Software controlled pressure release mechanism prevents dangerous pressure build up in the abdomen when using such apparatus as laser or argon beamers. SAFETY Automatic self-check, activated each time unit is switched on, makes sure all electronic and pneumatic components are in good running order.

This safety feature carries a guarantee for the lifetime of the unit. The changeable sterile filter prevents reflux of liquids and contamination of the gas way. It is having a flow range of 16lts to 40lts, with heater or without heater It is having a front panel display for Set Pressure & actual pressure and Set flow & actual flow Total volume consumed, gas cylinder level indication with alarm. Over pressure alarm and flow on/off user friendly feature touch buttons. All the safety features are maintained according to the CE, IEC 60601-1.